Our website manager, Chris Littler, has just completed a new project that compares all the shops in our nearest town, Peel, like for like with ten years ago. It’s of interest for a spot of reminiscing if you’re a regular visitor to the Island, but it’s also a showcase for some of the new businesses in town, many of them of interest to holidaymakers. There’s been a big boost in leisure and hobby industries over the last ten years and there’s plenty of new eateries to try. Our favourite is not new, but improved; the Kiosk on the Promenade has simple café food at a great price, but it’s the location that puts the icing on the cake, right on the seafront, and it now has a shelter so they can open in the evening and in poorer weather (yes, that does happen!).

Check out all the business photo comparisons to see what’s new and what’s gone! www.manxshopfronts.com