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Visit Isle of Man recently promoted 10 best places to visit on the Island, and no less than four of them are with a few minutes drive from Ballacallin! They also sourced some fantastic photographs…

Cronk Ny Arrey Laa – 13 minute drive from Ballacallin Court

Photograph credit: Paul Marriot Photography

Featuring on the Port Erin to Niarbyl section of the Raad Ny Foillan coastal footpath, Cronk Ny Arrey Laa is amongst the most spectacular areas to be seen anywhere in the British Isles.

Views are ever-changing and equally as breath-taking all year round but are particularly special in the mid to late summer when the surrounding heather and gorse are in full bloom.


Glen Maye – 3 minute drive from Ballacallin Court

Photography credit: Jonny Andrews

You won’t be left disappointed with a trip to Glen Maye. Its waterfall, rated as one of the world’s best by The Guardian, along with its spectacular bridged gorge dominate this glen, which is located three miles south of Peel.

Covering eleven and a half acres, its beautiful sheltered, fern-filled woodland includes the Wheel case of the ‘Mona Erin’, another of the many water wheels which once provided power for the Manx lead mines.

Niarbyl Bay – 7 minute drive from Ballacallin Court

Photography credit: Norman Kneen

Discover the peaceful bay of Niarbyl with its rolling hills, thatched cottages and dramatic coastal paths which lead you to White Beach. Head here in the evening to bask under a blanket of stars beneath the clear, dark skies after glazing over extraordinary sunsets that glisten over the clear coastal waters.

It’s also an important geological site, showing evidence of the fusion of continents 140 million years ago.

Tynwald Arboretum – 7 minute drive from Ballacallin Court

Photography credit: Jason Kinrade

Set in the picturesque countryside, the 25 acres park is a perfect place to enjoy a picnic on a hot summer’s day or to get some fresh air and feed the ducks.

If you’re feeling energetic, at the top of the main hill is a specially constructed shelter commanding a panoramic view extending westwards to the sea and south over St John’s Church and village to the tree clad Slieu Whallian mountain of “witches in rolling barrels” fame.

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